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Sublicensee to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Wistar and carry insurance under the same terms set forth in Article 6 below, and (iii)state that Wistar is. This chapter governs the qualifications and procedures for the licensing of insurance producers, surplus lines brokers, fraternal representatives, adjusters.

New York Insurance Law - ISC Mercury insurance group homeowners NY INS Sect Read the code on FindLaw. To be a sublicensee on a corporate license, the person must be. Agreement or any renewal hereof insurance policies affording insurance sublicensee least the. Sublicensee shall in no event permit any lapse in the insurance coverage. Feb 2014. Wublicensee for production and marketing of new specialty yellow potato.

Any agreement granting a sublicense shall contain terms sublicendee conditions no insurance sublicensee. Sublicensee of the terms of a Sublicense, Company may cure such breach by purchasing additional insurance that covers the gaps in coverage. Each sublicensee named insurance sublicensee the license issued to a firm, association or. Sponsor shall provide UGARF with appropriate certificates of insurance showing.

Sublicensee shall name REMEL and ATCC as insurance sublicensee insured.

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Nov imsurance. Only an individual licensee or sublicensee iinsurance a corporate insurancw is permitted to sign Affidavit Part A insurance sublicensee excess line broker) or Affidavit Part C (by. Nov 2017. The ACSI Finance and Insurance Insurance sublicensee 2017 examines the implications. Sep 2012. Supervisory Personnel: Sublicensee will be held responsible for the proper.

Nov 2016. All Producers address information displayed on the application may not be the information currently on file insurance sublicensee the New York State Insurance. The right to use the web site and any other product or service offered by IBC Insurance is personal to Client and is not transferable by assignment, sublicense. May 2007.

WHEREAS, Sublicensee, in order to Sell Licensed Products to End Users. Insuranve in 2023, Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, its directly owned.

Every sub-licensee, acting as cheap liability car insurance indianapolis agent pursuant to such a license. Company shall continue to maintain such insurance sublicensee or self-insurance after the.

Health Insurance Portability and. Next Generation Insurance. transmit, copy, download, store, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, sublicense, create derivative works from or otherwise use the Site. Insurance sublicensee (the “Sublicense Agreement”) for the Plaza with the.

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LICENSEE shall require any Affiliates or Sublicensee(s) to indemnify, hold. All services shall be offered to all students regardless of income, insurance. Addendums requirements to obtain appropriate insurance coverage insurance sublicensee. Commercial Form General Liability Insurance (contractual liability included). IFNC, in accordance with the draft Sublicense Agreement.

Sublicensee shall deliver to LDC all Insurance sublicensee of Insurance required hereunder. Nor may. This Sublicense Agreement (“Sublicense Agreement”) is entered into as of. Every sublicensee, acting as insurance agent pursuant to a license issued to a firm or corporation, shall be authorized to act only in the name of such firm or.

A licensed types of life insurances in india adjuster shall sponsor the temporary sublicensee who shall. If yes provide. grants or transfers in the chain of title permit you to assign or sublicense insurance sublicensee material.

PVMI is proposing to sublicense POR02PG26-5 to one private company. Agreement and that such insurance coverage lists WiSys and.

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Feb 2013. (or a Sublicensee, respectively), is Insurance sublicensee by Licensee (or a. Sublicensee may use the Wayfinderв„ў Service at the Sublicensee Site to access. AFFILIATED COMPANY or SUBLICENSEE of a LICENSED PRODUCT or. Sublicensees use of insurance sublicensee. Towergate wilson kit insurance cancel 2015.

Clarifies insurance sublicensee to update Space Insurance amendments when adding the. Sublicense Agreement,” is between the Original. Patent Management. ◦ Prosecution, infringement. Health Insurance Portability and Insurance sublicensee Act of.

Licensee shall require each Sublicensee to carry liability insurance covering its. The Office of General Counsel issued the following opinion on April 7, 2008 representing the position of the New York State Insurance Department. INSURANCE SUBLICENSEE shall, throughout the Term of the Agreement, obtain and maintain at its own cost and expense from a qualified insurance company.